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Visual Retail Plus offers one of the most cutting-edge services on the market. By joining Visual Retail Plus, you will become part of the most advanced, professional and personable POS solution on the market. Our solutions continue to prove themselves and in the world of retail there is no better software solution. On top of that, we have seen how loyal our clients are to us and the percent of accounts that we have acquired by word-of-mouth highlights how positively they think of us and our product.

How to become a reseller

By becoming a business partner, you will receive a complimentary license to learn the ins and outs of our software and be able to conduct an effective demo for customers. There are two different ways that we can get your company up to speed and help you master our services.

Option 1:

At VRP, we offer a complete training session in which you can learn our software solution. This training takes place either via the Web or at the Visual Retail Plus, Inc. office at a time that is convenient for you. These training sessions regularly last a few hours. Once the training is complete, you will be able to sell and support our software, while we start a marketing campaign geared toward retailers in your preferred area.

Option 2:

If you already have made contact with a prospect that is interested in our software, the customer training will be done with your participation. This will allow you to learn our VRP software and the particulars of your customer at the same time.

We have complete confidence that one demonstration of our POS software will convince you of that. If you are interested in taking the steps to becoming a full reseller and creating a fruitful relationship with VRP, or if you are interested in obtaining additional information, fill out the form below, or call directly at 888-767-4004 Ext.204.

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