Sporting Goods and Gun Shops

  • The VRP solution for the Sporting Goods Vertical Includes:
  • Serialization for guns.
  • Electronic bound book, which automatically also adds the customer to CRM and has an integrated backup system.
  • Taxes can be defined to fit the individual state laws of firearms.
  • Handles special orders to track deposits, can place orders, and sends a message to notify customer when the order is received.
  • Rentals of sporting goods such as canoes.
  • The ability to attach a picture of the items at the POS and look up items according to size, color, etc.
  • CRM (Customer Relation Manager) for customer information, keep track of previous purchases and preferences, email blasts, printing shopping habit coupons, gift cards, and loyalty points/cards acquired and used.
  • Team/league information can be saved, team colors, gear needed, special discounts for team members and coaches including customer orders such as monogramming and silk screening.
  • Red level seasonal planning that gives you recommendations for new orders. In addition, tracks existing inventory and provides recommendations for sales VS storage.
  • Time and Attendance, commission and allowance is tracked.
  • A variety of coupon types ranging from percent, to amount off, receipt totals, groups, and many more. Add in to that our easy to use auto-discount system and promotions are always easy to use.