Useful Links

API and Ecommerce

API Documentation
Ecommerce Interface
Fulfillment (Video Clip)
API docs (html page)

Credit Cards

Cardknox Verifone Unified 64
Cardknox Verifone Unified 32
VX805 USB Installation
MX900 64 USB Installation
P400 USB Installation
Installation VerifoneP200P40032bit.msi
Verifone Point Setup


General Controls (Video Clip)
Use Of Report Presets (Video Clip)
Use Mobile Phone QR code for Authentication
Script To Create Empty DB (sql script)
The Show Report (Video Clip)
Creating Employee Schedule (pdf)
Native Canadian Sales Tax Setup (pdf)
Prices Module (Video Clip)
Use the import utility (pdf)
Setup and Use of POS Injections (pdf)
Install VRP services (pdf)
Use of the Matrix (Video Clip)
Immediate Price Changes From within the Inventory Module (Video Clip)
Setup Printer on a Terminal (pdf)
Add Or Maintain Users (Video Clip)
Why VRP Recommends a VPN (pdf)
Setup off line database for disaster cases (pdf)
Attributes - Create and Use (Video Clip)
Applying Physical Inventory Counts (Video Clip)
How to recover from a Satellite crash (pdf)
How Reverse a back office transaction (pdf)
Manifests (Video Clip)
Query and Schedule Tool (Video Clip)
Time and attendance (Punch clock) (Video Clip)
Minimum (Red) Levels. Assign and report (Video Clip)
Inter Store Transfers (Video Clip)
The Week Supply Module (Video Clip)
Selling Kits Define Print Label and Sell (Video Clip)
Red (Minimum) Level (Video Clip)
Combine Purchase Orders (Video Clip)
Create a Product Catalog (Video Clip)
How To Import Price Changes (Video Clip)
House Account Explained (pdf)
Markdown Vs. On Sale (pdf)
Setting Up Datamax Printers Bar and or Gap (pdf)
Setup of Manufacturing Kits - Mkits (pdf)
Create, Assembling and maintaing Mkits (Video Clip)
Handling Images (pdf)
Centralizing Back Office Modules
Cost Explained (pdf)
Using rpQuery with external import files
Recommended Hardware
Setup Gmail in VRP (rtf document)
How To Open PDF In Browser (Text File)
Improve a slow system (pdf)
Install VRP (Version Retired in 2018) (pdf)

General None VRP

Digital Persona RTE 64bit (Zip File)
Digital Persona RTE 64bit 2024(Zip File)
PDF Factory Creator (exe file)
ADV fonts (zip file)
Handling a Suspected Database (pdf)
Turn On and off RPC (Remote Procedure Call Service) (pdf)
Sql Backup and FTP (Download Link)
Recover from a Pending Recovery


POS Dashboard (Video Clip)
Process a Simple Sale (Video Clip)
Inventory bin Management (pdf)
Suspend a sale (place on hold) (Video Clip)
Make a Return Transaction From a Receipt (Video Clip)
Make a Return Transaction Without a Receipt (Store Credit) (Video Clip)
Setup The POS Screen Look and Buttons (Video Clip)
Instant Rebate (pdf)
Rewards / Loyalty Setup and Use (pdf)
Assign Credit Card default operation (Video Clip)
Surveys - Setup, Use and Reports (No Sound) (Video Clip)
Setup and Use of BOGO (Video Clip)
Bag Tax, Setup and use (Video Clip)
Bridal Calendar Including Jewish Dates (Video Clip)
Credit Card Auth Only Setup, Charge, Capture and Release (Video Clip)
Promotions Admin
Tips and Tricks

Purchase Orders

Create a Product and a PO (Video Clip)
Create a PO and Receive against It (Video Clip)
Wide Stores Formats (Video Clip)

VIC Communication

Troubleshoot VIC Communication (Web Page)

Web Suite

What Is VRP Websuite (Video Clip)
Android App Users Login QR Scanner
Download Websuite Installation (zip file)
Setup Square for websuite POS (pdf)
QR Service installation For Login and Time Clock (self extract.exe)
Price Checker Demo (Video Clip)