Troubleshooting Vic (VRP Instant Communication)

This example uses the table RPTRS as an example.


1.       Verify that the hub is linked too the satellites, and the satellites are linked to the hub.


To Create a link use this: (Change ip address, user name and password as needed)

In the example below we use sa as user and reliant as the password.


if OBJECT_ID('tempdb.dbo.##Servers','U') is not null drop table ##servers

create table ##Servers (name varchar(max),networkName varchar(max),status varchar(max),id int,collation varchar(max),connecttime int,querytimeout int)

insert into ##Servers exec sp_helpserver

if exists(select * from ##Servers where name='\sqlexpress')

exec sp_dropserver '\sqlexpress', droplogins

Drop table ##Servers

exec sp_addlinkedserver N'\sqlexpress', ' ', N'SQLOLEDB', N'\sqlexpress'


exec sp_addlinkedsrvlogin '\sqlexpress', 'false', NULL, 'sa', 'reliant'

exec sp_serveroption @server='\sqlexpress', @optname='rpc', @optvalue='TRUE'

exec sp_serveroption @server='\sqlexpress', @optname='rpc out', @optvalue='TRUE'


2.       Verify that the keys in vicKeys are identical in both the satellite and the hub.

Select * from vickeys where tb=’rptrs’

Make sure that the unique index columns are included( store id and receiptno)


3.       Verify that the direction exists and correct.

Select * from vicdirections where tb=’rptrs’

The direction for sending to the hub is “R” and for sending to the satellite is “O”

For example rptrs needs an “R” and rpiv need an “O”

If sync goes both ways like rpUsers, enter “B” in the direction column.


4.       Make sure that the table exists in synctables with a value in both syncorder and interval > 0


5.       Make sure that the triggers exist and are enabled.

Select * from sys.triggers where name like ‘rptrs_vic%’


6.       Special considerations for rpiv and podetail2: you must have an entry in commvic for these tables to be inserted into vicActions.


7.       Change one record in rpiv and see if it is inserted into vicActions:

Update top (1) rpiv set saleprice=saleprice+0.01 where storied=’02’ and upc=’800111’

Update top (1) rpiv set saleprice=saleprice-0.01 where storied=’02’ and upc=’800111’

Select * from vicactions where tb=’rpiv’ and storied=’02’



8.       Vrify that the problematic table has the same layout in both the hub and satellite. Rpaccess has a utility to compare the tables.